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    Keygen autocad 2013 per windows 8


    Keygen autocad 2013 per windows 8

    Autodesk 2013 xforce keygen for Windows 8. They worked fine in windows 7, but now they not only wont open, they freeze windows 8 unless i end the process (both, since it opens two of them without showing nothing on the desktop) quickly. UAC off, Administrator, DEP off, windows defender off, no antivirus, network off, verified in on different writable folders and tried also compatibility mode for xp and w7. also, the win8 is original and activated (not sure if that changes anything. Will there be a new one that works. Last edited by th4d; 08-21-2012 at 01:04:26 PM. Thanks (Received): 670. @Shaitan: Just telling you what worked for me. Obviously, different people are having different experiences. It works fine with some people, but not for others. The only things different I did after the clean install were. 1. Install my Wacom driver disabled pen flicks and press hold 2. Disable few services either annoy me or speed up the system: AMD External Events, Diagnostic Policy/Service/System, HomeGroup Listener/Provider, Program Compatibility Assistant, Application Experience, Security Center 3. Turned off hibernation in the control panel and with powercfg. Really, that's all I did after the clean install and before dropping Maya back on. I'm sure that these tweaks aren't for everybody, but I can say for sure that they at least didn't prevent me from getting Maya back. The only program I had trouble getting into Win8 was xNormal. I got that in partly through safe mode and partly through manual installation of the OpenRL. @SolidState: I looked into the white flash problem. Here's what I found. 1. This problem is not new. It existed even before Maya 2011. It's a pretty old issue 2. Some people fix it by turning off Aero. That's not an option in Win8 though. 3. Some people blame Wacom's drivers for it, but disabling them or uninstalling them didn't work for me. 4. Some people blame it on QuickTime, as that's what's driving the GUI iirc. Possible. My QuickTime standalone is a bit laggier here than in Win7. No way to tell until Apple optimizes QT for Win8. My theory? Something to do with a display overlay or buffer. Here's why. I found this workaround on CG Talk. In reality, this doesn't fix the problem so much as it masks it. If I'm right, that buffered video page is filled with white by default. When you cycle through all of the viewport presets, you're filling that buffer with the dark gray from you outliner, node editor, so on. So, technically . you're not really getting rid of the flash. You're just exchanging the white for a much darker color. It's a slightly tedious workaround, but preferable to the white flash. Personally, seeing as how long this problem's been around, I think that's an AD side problem. Only they can fix it. BTW: I don't think that a faster PC will minimize the problem. I'm on a 6-core i7 with 24GB RAM and a 1.5GB ATI card. Everything else runs smooth as silk. I having this problem on Windows 7 (not only Maya, XSI and Max have problems with Aero, in my machine, but I think it's a common problem) and I remember that in Windows 8 you can't disable Aero or Aero Lite as they call it. Also Alias Maya 7.0 is affected by the Aero glitch. Only Basic or Classic mode solve this, but they add other annoying things, like no Aero Peek, some window redraw bugs and it looks like shit. BTW: I don't think that a faster PC will minimize the problem. I'm on a 6-core i7 with 24GB RAM and a 1.5GB ATI card. Everything else runs smooth as silk. [/QUOTE. Don't know, because I've installed Quick Time recently just to see if it's lack caused the problem, and the problem persists, and as I wrote up, this was present prior the Autodesk purchase and the UI changes. It looks like Autodesk doesn't really tests the software for the system they are supposed to run, because the white flash can't be unseen. I'll wait till my current system goes crazy before formatting again and install Windows 8. Thanks for the reply. Last edited by SolidState; 10-27-2012 at 10:59:18 PM. i disabled all that, disabled eve the DEP service. 30-45min? why the hell did u wait that long. damn, im not sure if youre trolling me, but i have no choice other than test that. the hard drive going 100% for that longe worries me a lot though, feels like its gonna damage something or at least degrade my ssd. well ill post if it works, thanks. ---------- Post added at 11:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:33 PM. no windows defender, no uac, no dep, no firewall, even changed windows policy to run everything as administrator. one thing though, the only way i was able to run the keygen for it to open, was to run it inside a rar file, but not as administrator, but of course that doesnt work. the second i run as administrator same thing as walways happens, it doesnt open. i noticed that even when i run the file o my desktop in c. the process was using my d: harddrive at 100%, so i changed letters in order for the iso on the virtual cd rom could be the d: being used. also didnt work. i give up, xforce guys ara amazing in what they do, but i guess there wont be a proper version for 2013 and windows 8 pro, ill just stick with a prior version. Last edited by th4d; 12-16-2012 at 03:07:31 PM. Thanks (Received): 1. After day of experiments and tests I had found, that xforce keygen don't work after installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver in windows 8. It happens not always - I have x4 PCs with same config and have no any problems. HERE ARE NEW EASY SOLUTION! Problem is solving in BIOS/UEFI. I had found it, because not only keygen didn't work, but some other programs too. For some reason in Windows 8 there is problem with SATA power using options. So you need simply find and turn OFF (DISABLED) in BIOS (UEFI) option like SATA Aggressive Power Management or it can also have name ALPM or ASP (or like hot-swap feature.


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