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    Ckfinder licence keygen


    Ckfinder licence keygen

    New CK Finder license. In Fork CMS we use the CKFinder-plugin for CKEditor to allow people to upload and manage files through the editor. CKFinder isn t a open-source so a year ago Wijs and SumoCoders bought an OEM-license. A week ago we received a notification from the CKSource that our OEM license would expire in a few weeks. So we had to renew the license. Figure8. Wijs and Sumocoders were so kind to sponsor the license for this year. We thought the licence would be extended in time after we renew it, but it seems that this isn t possible. So there is a new license-key that should be used from now on. So what happens to older installs? Well, as long as you don t upgrade the CKFinder-plugin it won t be a problem and you (or your clients) won t notice anything. If you upgrade you should alter the license key, this can be done through the backend ind the Settings-tab. We would like to thank Figure8. Wijs and SumoCoders for sponsoring the OEM license.


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