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    add spectrogram display mode, per-item spectrogram option - video. improve support for editing media items containing files which are being recorded in a separate tab. support swing grid in arrange view, optionally synchronized with MIDI editor grid - video. allow grid/snap window to stay open if enabled in advanced preferences. move grid appearance options from grid/snap window to preferences/appearance. allow absolute MIDI CC control of swing grid strength. create new take on "open item copy in built-in MIDI editor" action. set MIDI clock properly when exporting to file. support as an importable file extension, in addition to the usual. fix "paint straight line of notes" mouse modifier when grid is set to greater than or equal to measure length. support on Windows/HiDPI themes. use common dialog font for various elements in envelope, send windows. allow themes to override global UI scaling using global_scale line. better logic for knob large/small background selection. improve behavior when stopping. reduce memory use when smooth seek enabled. fix reading slider zero-line colors from theme. add retina support for track panels/etc using beta HiDPI/Retina theme. improve handling of large theme fonts. automatically scroll view when entering lyrics. ignore muted notes in PDF and MusicXML export. add Track/TakeFX_Get/SetNamedConfigParm. include latent preset changes in Undo_EndBlock. improve ASIO cleanup after initialization error. improve HiDPI support (including Windows 7 DPI detection), support beta HiDPI/Retina theme. fix folder icon display error on macOS 10.10. add recovery mode checkbox to optional choose-project-on-open dialog. support TrackFX_SetNamedConfigParm and similar API functions with FILE, FILExx, -FILExx, +FILExx, -FILE*, DONE, RSMODE, MODE. support TrackFX_SetNamedConfigParm and similar API functions with ITEMx, DONE. improve undo behavior for various editing actions.


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