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    Colasoft capsa 7 enterprise keygen


    Colasoft capsa 7 enterprise keygen

    Colasoft Capsa Enterprise is a professional network sniffer that provides comprehensive network analysis, automatic diagnosis mode, and real-time network monitoring. Although it comes packed with a wide range of features, the application sports a clean and straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to view details about the network connection in a graph. What s more, Colasoft Capsa Enterprise comprises several analysis modes built specifically for helping you run a full test (it provides detailed information about all the applications and network problems), perform quick traffic monitor analysis (it gives statistical analysis for excessive network traffic), as well as gather information about potential security risks, traffic and performance, POP3, SMTP, FTP, and DNS traffic, and IM analysis. The application is able to display a summary report which contains info about warning and error events, average packet size, local and remote IP address, total protocols, DNS queries and responses, FTP upload and download info, and many other details. There are several diagnosis tools designed to give you information about possible problems (e.g. slow response, refused connections, unreachable port), protocol details, as well as physical and IP endpoint, and physical, IP, TCP, and UDP conversations. Other important features worth mentioning allow users to view a matrix with the physical node and conversations, schedule tasks, export packets, print the information or save it to a file, and set up alarm notifications. All things considered, Colasoft Capsa Enterprise proves to be a reliable network monitoring tool that comes packed with many advanced features. It is able to detect network bottleneck and bandwidth use, identify network vulnerabilities, and solve possible problems. LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION. 15 days trial. Capture project will run only 4 hours in each capture. Concurrent projects are limited to 1. Only Quick mode is available for replaying packet files. Only 2 packet files can be replayed simultaneously. Only the first 20 private IP addresses will be analyzed. Provides only 5 custom protocols. Provides only 5 custom alarma. Provides only 2 custom dashboard panels. The reports cannot be saved. The report settings cannot be configured. Logs and packets cannot be automatically saved. The Print function is not available. 16MB at most can be allocated to the packet buffer. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. P4 2.8GHz CPU (Intel Core Duo 2.4GHz CPU recommended. 4 GB RAM (4 GB RAM or more recommended. Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. New in Colasoft Capsa Enterprise 9.2.0 Build 9259. New Features. packets can be decrypted with key files. Application based traffic analysis and statistics are available. An Application view and an Application Explorer are provided. Read the full changelog.


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