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    Keygener assistant v1.7


    Keygener assistant v1.7

    + Used Thread for (P^Q) operation. + Update (Prime Test) Now More Fast. - Added More Encoding Function. + Base91 Encode/Decode + MIME32 Encode/Decode + MIME64 Encode/Decode + PGP Encode/Decode + UUCODE Encode/Decode + XXCODE Encode/Decode + RFC1760 Encode/Decode. - Added Hash Brute Forcer Tabsheet. - Added Classic Symetric Encryption. + Cesare. (Shift cipher E(x) = (x + R) mod 26 ) + Vergenere. (Poly Alphabetic substitution) + ROT-n. (Rotate by n places) + PC1. (Cipher with 128-bit keys) + Xoring. (XOR a String with the value of the key) + Adding. (ADD a String with the value of the key) + NOT. (Encrypt Decrypt Used Command Not. - Added RSA Generator Solve Tabsheet. + Generate RSA Key (Bases(2,10,16) Unlimited KeySize). + Fast Factorization Based to Msieve. + Calcule Private Exponent Key. + Automatic Conversion between bases. - calculation of ElGamal signature (b) is Fixed. - Added ElGamal Verifiy Signature Tabsheet. - Options (About Tabsheet. + Added the possibility to custom the Font color. + Added the possibility to Add/Remove Scan Shell Extension. - Various bugs fixed. [Only registered and activated users can see links.


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