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    Intellij idea 13 keygen jar

    User interface. Font ligatures. Breadcrumbs for Java. Background Image in Editor and IDE Frame. Notification popups got compact and moved to the right-bottom corner. Version control. Log for Git and Mercurial now loads data in the background, gets a handy loading progress indicator and a shortcut to navigate to the filter field. Unversioned files in Commit dialog. Case-only rename in Git for Windows and macOS. Patches can now be applied from the clipboard or by dragging a file into the IDE; and IntelliJ offers help when applying patches with conflicts. Support for JUnit 5. Better coding assistance for React. Support for Angular. Spring 4.3 core features, new inspections, and better performance. Coding assistance for Spring Caching. Code completion and navigation in FreeMarker and Velocity templates for variables defined in Spring controllers.


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