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    Folder lock 7.2.1 keygen


    Folder lock 7.2.1 keygen

    Folder Lock 7.2.1 Full is quick file-security software package which will password-protect, secure, hide, and secure any form of data, files, pushes, pictures, and more. Closed data ar undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable, invisible, and untouchable. the top software security data. Customers have an option whether to Protected or Protected. There s no longer the hassle of encrypting each and every information file on different places. Directory Protected works perfectly on all Next Technology Windows, i.e. You can enhance your Locker by basically adding more information files and files into your Locker. Incredible force breaking is not possible, since the system setbacks for a while once a security password is joined. Password Durability gauge shows you the effectiveness of the security password as you type, while you\re establishing a new security password. Directory Protected doesn\t preserve the security password in the registry or the difficult generate, avoiding online hackers and biscuits. Both Secured sheild and Locking are extremely fast. The Lockers can t be removed on the computer where Directory Protected is installed and Directory Protected can\t be removed without the appropriate security password. Customers who want to security password secure files on multiple places on their difficult hard generate drive. Protected and very powerful Secured sheild. Directory Protected provides completely mobility and it can even secure CD/DVD-RW, not just USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick and weak drives. Lockers can also be e-mailed to someone over the internet. Directory Protected also provides Automatic Protect and Automatic Shut down features, this establishing instantly hair or shutdown if more than five wrong security passwords are joined to try to decrypt the information files. Directory Protected removes paths of users when they click the lock button. It removes recent papers record, learn more file and folder record and the information in clipboard when you close the Locker. Screnshoot : ( Click Image to View Large. INFO Home Page. Price. / ( Discount Special Offer Click Home Page ) Note. Buy It Original Software \ select one link.


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