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    Hdclone 4.2 professional keygen


    Hdclone 4.2 professional keygen

    The Universal Cloning Tool. HDClone cre­ates phys­i­cal or log­i­cal cop­ies (clones) and file im­ages of hard disks and oth­er mass stor­age me­dia. HDClone is the per­fect tool for back­ups and for cre­ating cop­ies of en­tire soft­ware or operating system in­stal­la­tions. A spe­cial Safe­Rescue mode makes HDClone an in­valu­able tool for res­cu­ing de­fec­tive hard disks and oth­er me­dia. HDClone works in­de­pen­dent of par­ti­tion­ing scheme, file system and operating system. It also works with pro­pri­e­tary for­mats which would oth­er­wise be in­ac­ces­si­ble. HDClone’s editions build on one another. A higher edition will include the features of every preceding edition. Note: To verify bootability and functionality for utilization on specific hardware, please use the Free Edition. It will show you all available drives, including those requiring a higher edition to be actually used with HDClone. The following matrix compares the most important features of the different editions.


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