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    Keygen for command and conquer tiberian sun


    Keygen for command and conquer tiberian sun

    Download key generator for Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Firestorm v1.19.2. Command Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm v1.19.2 (1999-2000-MULTi2-RePack by DeCien) Genre: RTS The end of the 1990s - Italy An unknown chemical element, later named with Tiberius. Tiberius is a mineral-crystal, according to preliminary Research of extraterrestrial origin. First Tiberium conflict between the GDI and the Brotherhood of NOD. Was transformed into a full-scale military action. For not very large deposits of Tiberius. In consequence of brilliant operations forces GDI inhibits NOD, destroying the leader of the Brotherhood - Kane. It turns out that Tiberius poses a threat of human life. Tiberius is highly toxic and causes genetic mutations. at the same time Tiberius in its varieties has stupendous energy consumption. Spreads on the planet at high speed. Tiberian Sun 2030. The ground under the influence of Tiberium has changed - it covers most of the land, large areas rendered uninhabitable, the flora and fauna of the mutated, and the majority of the civilian population was evacuated to the GDI pole, where there is little active zones of Tiberium. But not all so simple, even a dead Kane - live! To revolt from the dead Kane continues to implement its plan to turn the Earth into a new and better world - a world of Tiberius, by his will. Firestorm Central Processor Cabal - a synthetic mind NOD, to revolt against their creators, in their plan to subjugate the world and the transformation of people into cybernetic organisms under the control of his power. Additional information: - Do not cut and not recoded. - It is based on a free version of the game. - Made the installer, with a choice of components. * Available: both English and Russian (full / partial) (see screenshot). * Russian sound from Fargus (video clips, briefing, alert and voice units) * Russian sound of the Triad - only Tiberian Sun (notification and voice units) (for me nicer Fargus) * Size 1.28 Gb + 1.1 Gb. 148 mb - Video in Russian only. * Tiberian Sun from "Fargus." * Firestorm of "Russian project". - The ability to play on the network and the Internet. - Operating mode "skirmish" - The ability to change the resolution up to 1920x1200. - Removed non-working utility change the resolution. - Added a map editor FinalSun. - Added a package of tools for editing. Updated to "CSU utilities v1.47". - Added VQA encoder 0.5beta2 and convert video to AVI format VQA 1.36. Utilities for working with sound - Added two trenirovachnyh mission. - Unofficial fix ump02 (see below). Now is disjoint from the subtitle file - Informal graphical patch, cleaner picture and changes the balance of the game a little PATCH 2.05f3 - Graphic Fix patch for windows Vista and windows 7, brake cleaning game - Soundtrack TS and FS [mp3 128 kbps] as soon as I find "all" as updated - Country Games magazine special issue Dedication Tiberian Sun. - Subcorrected translation FS (mostly brief). - Added IPX wrapper 0.4.0 - Added CNCnet 4.0 - * Added anglofikator video (optional) - * separately from the game - The link in the lower left corner is the Tiberian Sun U.M.P. v02 by [Aro] Patch 2.05f3 by [Navy5EAL] Page UMP_0.2 patch on picnekotoryh changes: Fixed animation military plant NOD Fixed animation Bunker Fixed animation Hand of Nod (resist fading pixels) Fixed animation GDI Barracks Fixed animation Proton projectile. Fixed animation grenades Fixed animation collection of resources Fixed animation unloading Tiberium Fixed animation damaged radar Fixed animation damaged stealth generator Nod Fixed game balance: improved armor Fixed animation waterfall Fixed animation in RPG-towers Fixed animation in power plants Nod Fixed animation in defensive structure Obelisk Fixed animation unit at the Cyborg Reaper Death leads to an error Maps of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm compatible with UMP ************* 2.05f3 patch page on - Updated graphics - Updated sounds - Changed gameplay - Other things * The desire to make more realistic Tiberian Sun and units - such as in movies. hardware acceleration Disabling hardware acceleration for Vista and Windows 7 (if game crashes while firing lasers or disruptors (destroyers GDI)) 1. Open the Control Panel (Start - Control Panel). 2. Locate and open the "Screen". 3. In the left part of the window, click on "Settings screen." 4. In the next window click on "Options." 5. Click the "Diagnostics" and click "Edit Settings." 6. In the window, move the cursor to the far right and click "OK". If UAC is enabled, it is necessary to confirm that the changes to authorized users. Hardware acceleration is enabled. Changes will take effect after reboot. 7. In Windows 7, in some cases, the "Change Settings" is disabled. In this case, disable hardware acceleration can not, as the video card and its driver does not support the manipulation of hardware acceleration. By default the game is set to: directory C: \ Games \ Westwood \ Tiberian Sun program group and Games \ Tiberian Sun. Videos in Russian and separately from the original Westwood assembly version v1.19.2 System Requirements: - Pentium II 166 MHz - 32 MB of RAM - 2 MB SVGA Video - 255/1938 MB Free hdd space Distribution: ISO disk image. -= Copyright 2010 Keygen-Co Brigade.


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