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    Easydcp kdm generator keygen


    Easydcp kdm generator keygen

    easyDCP KDM Generator. The easyDCP KDM Generator enables the creation of Key Delivery Messages (KDM) for digital cinemas. easyDCP KDM Generator+ additionally allows to use external DKDM (Distribution KDM) generate KDM's. A KDM allows the playback of an encrypted DCP for a certain time window on a specific playback device. With the easyDCP KDM Generator(+) you can easily generate hundreds of KDM's within a single run. Besides the KDM generation tool we offer the creation of a personalized and DCI-compliant digital signature for all our easyDCP KDM Generator(+) customers. This enables you to sign your generated KDM's and your customers can be certain that your KDM's are trustworthy. easyDCP KDM Generator is not a standalone product. It is included in the full version of easyDCP Creator. Accepts FHI Digest to generate KDM. available for MAC and Windows. The easyDCP KDM Generator+ contains extended functionality compared to the easyDCP KDM Generator included in easyDCP Creator. Additional features. Accept DKDMs (Distribution Key Delivery Messages. Accepts FHI Digest to generate KDMs. available for MAC and Windows.


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