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    King office 2012 keygen


    King office 2012 keygen

    How to Use Free Kingsoft Office 2012 After the Trial Version Expires. Release Date: 05-02-13. Find 30 days Trial not enough but has not decided to buy Kingsoft Office? You can remove the Trial version and use our Free version to continue your experience. Here are the tips. Step 1: Remove the Trial version from your computer. How to remove the Trial version? See this Guide: How to install and remove Kingsoft Office. Step 2: Find where Trial version file is and delete it. It is saved in Local Disc (C:) by default, but some users may choose elsewhere. By default, for example, you can find it in Computer Local Disc (C:) Program Files Kingsoft. Just delete the Kingsoft File. Step 3: Download Kingsoft Office Free 2012 and install it also referring to the above Guide (You don't need to input serial number for the Free version). Where to download Kingsoft Office Free 2012? Click here. Now, you can use the Free version smoothly. ( Notice: Some users remove the Trial version and install the Free version, but still can't use it and the serial number is still required. For this case, pay attention to Step 2, making sure that you have deleted the related files of the Trial version completely before you install the Free version. OFFICE FOR WINDOWS.


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